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Elephant Mother Accidentally Poops On Her Little Baby And It Turns Out Incredibly Hilarious

We often see hilarious accidents caused by baby elephants. These chubby creatures were born with a great sense of humor, making their clumsiness a charisma. An elephant calf chases away a dog barking at it but ends up slipping on the muddy ground and falling down. Another calf gets its belly stuck while trying to cross a fallen tree. There are many funny yet adorable examples of these stubby legs.

But this time, a baby elephant becomes the “victim”. The young playful animal is standing behind its mom when a b.o.m.b accidentally falls over its head. As it turns out, its mom poops on its head. What a bad hair day!

Image Credits: Ivan Glaser

This hilarious scene was captured on camera by 57-year-old photographer Ivan Glaser. He noticed the elephant mom and her baby while on a safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

“It was absolutely hilarious, especially given the fact that the baby didn’t even try to get out after the first bo.mb hit,” Glaser said.

Image Credits: Ivan Glaser

When Glaser shared these funny pictures on his social account, it went viral in an instant. People feel sorry for the baby elephant but can’t stop laughing out loud. As it turns out, elephant calves are not the only ones that cause trouble.

Image Credits: Ivan Glaser

And the baby elephant in the picture may take a lesson: It’s not always a wise idea to follow its mom. You may get “surprises” that you do not expect at all.

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H/T: Dailybbnews