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Meet Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, The Masters Of Camouflage

There are many animals in nature that turn out to be masters of disguise. This refers to their ability to blend into their environment (survival tactic) or their born features. While the former needs time to practice and improve, the latter is the born advantage of these species. They know how to use it, effortlessly yet effectively.

Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective

This is the case of the Vietnamese mossy frog (Theloderma corticale). The odd creature has green skin with black spots, and visible tubercules and spines. All these characteristics help it reduce the risks of being detected by the predator and get more chances of hunting the prey. It’s easy for them to penetrate in muddy and mossy environment.

Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective

Another thing that makes these frogs masters of camouflage is their loud voice. They can throw their voices up to 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 meters). It’s extremely difficult to spot them in the wild.

Image Credits: Josh More

As its name suggests, the Vietnamese mossy frog is native to Vietnam where it usually lives in the northern region. They are also found in evergreen rainforests and subtropical forests across southern Asia.

Image Credits: mamojo

These green frogs prefer living in flooded caves and in the banks of rocky mountain streams at elevations of 2,300 to 3,280 feet. They are active at night.

Image Credits: Via Tsuji

This species grows up to 3.5 inches (7 to 8 centimeters) and can live probably ten years. Interestingly, the male is smaller and thinner than the female.

Image Credits: Katie Chan

Regarding the diets, these frogs feed on hunt large insects such as crickets and cockroaches.

Image Credits: Charlene N Simmons

Let’s see more photos of these green frogs below!

Image Credits: Don DeBold
Image Credits: Josh More
Image Credits: Josh More
Image Credits: Matt Reinbold
Image Credits: charlenesimmons

Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective
Image Credits: ThartmannWiki

H/T: Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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