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Adorable, Playful Baby Seal Waves At The Camera And Melts The Heart Of Millions On The Internet

We, humans, can never get enough of the born cuteness of baby seals. These pups are incredibly adorable and playful, and we find it hard to keep our eyes off them. They may even pose naturally at the camera, winking, smiling, or waving. For this lovely nature, baby seals sometimes become Internet sensations, stealing the spotlights of cats and dogs.

Image credits: Wildlife photography by: Johan Siggesson

The seal pup in this story has currently melted the hearts of millions on the Internet. It was snapped sunbathing on the Horsey beach in Norfolk, east coast of the UK. But what helped the little kid famous was his adorable, playful postures and facial expressions. Many people commented humorously that the baby was teaching us, humans, how to pose while lying on the beach

It was during the winter months when these photos were taken. It’s rare to see harbor seals having a sunbath in this season.

Image credits: Wildlife photography by: Johan Siggesson

However, photographer Johan Siggeson got this precious opportunity. He spotted the baby seal when he was out at the iconic Horsey beach in Norfolk. The photographer immediately took out his camera and captured cute moments of the playful seal pup.

“It was an amazing experience to spend time with these seals. We had some horrible weather the first days with rain, hail, and wind,” Johan said.

Image credits: Wildlife photography by: Johan Siggesson

The lovely animal even waved at the camera. Who can resist his cuteness?

If you are looking for something positive during this uncertain time, just give this article a look. The baby seal surely makes you smile. How adorable this creature is!