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Meet Pink-browed Rosefinch, A Beautiful Tiny Chubby Bird That Is Too Perfect To Be True

Have you ever spotted a bird that looks like a flying ball of cotton candy? Some people think that these extraordinary birds just appear in fairy tales. They are too perfect to be true. But the fact is they do exist in nature. The point is you haven’t got a chance to see them.

Image Credits:  Instagram/@birds_adored

The pink-browed rosefinch is one of these strikingly beautiful birds. The tiny chubby flying creatures wear a charismatic bright raspberry pink coat, making them a star wherever they appear.

Noticeably, this pink is a bit deeper on the belly. In contrast with the pink body, this bird has browed patterns and faint streaks on the back.

You can watch the video of this stunning bird below.

The male and female of this finch don’t look similar. While males have enchanting pink plumage, female birds are mostly brown with streaked underparts with white eyebrows. Their cheeks and throats are paler than males and are featured with light streaks.

Image Credits: Instagram/@hokkarbird

Image Credits: Instagram/@9t_piyo_piyo

The pink-browed rosefinch is a finch in the family Fringillidae. It distributes in many regions, including Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Image Credits: Instagram/@cooltoshi1230

They can be found in boreal forests, subtropical and tropical high-altitude shrubland

This finch’s main diets are seeds, berries, and grasses, and small herbs.

Image Credits: Instagram / @hiro_w99913

When the breeding season begins, the female finch builds her nest in bush covers. This nest is made from strips of birch-bark, animal hair, and moss and lays about 2 meters from the ground. She then lays eggs in her nest, incubates them, and feeds the hatchlings until fully fledged.

Currently, the population of the pink-browed rosefinch is quite stable due to its large habitats.

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