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Meet Golden-Breasted Starling, An Eye-Searing Bird With Brilliant Metallic Plumage Of Green, Yellow, And Ultra-violet Blue

Have you ever spotted an eye-searing bird when strolling around the Internet? The golden-breasted starling is among these breathtaking birds.

Image Credits: Instagram/andylowe_photo

Just look at their spectacular plumage, human. Most of its body is covered with brilliant metallic shades of green and yellow. Green head and tail, and yellow breast and belly. That’s not all, this striking creature has ultra-violet blue on its throat, back, and wings. These colors combine beautifully, making this starling stand out from the crowd. We do believe that you can’t keep your eyes off its coat.

Image Credits: Instagram/birds.nature

Additionally, the white eyes make the golden-breasted starling conspicuous in the world of birds.

Watch its video below.

Unlike many other bird species that offer a different look between the male and female, both sexes of this starling look very similar. Young birds, however, are a duller color.

Image Credits: Instagram/_samirjobanbirds

Golden-breasted starlings distribute from Somalia to Ethiopia, through into Kenya, and then Tanzania.

Image Credits: Instagram/wx81

These birds live in dry, arid areas, usually scrublands and savannas.

Their main diets are insects. But they also feed on fruit and berries.

Image Credits: Instagram/getbusylivin.ss

During the breeding season, female golden-breasted starling builds their nests in tree holes. This nest is made from leaves, roots, and other plant materials and in the shape of a cup. They then lay 3-5 eggs in the nest and start an incubation process of 11-14 days.

Image Credits: Instagram/dianalizethclavijo

Unlike some other species, male golden-breasted starling joins the female in feeding the chicks until fully fledges, about 3 weeks.

Image Credits: Instagram/jenniedelicious

Currently, the population of the golden-breasted starling is quite stable.

Image Credits: Instagram/cschand0

Image Credits: Instagram/christelverdaasdonk_taxidermy

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