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Mama Cat Came To Rescue Kitten Who Got Stuck In A Tree

Mothers often love their children wholeheartedly and unconditionally. When a kid gets himself into trouble, the one who worries the most is often not him, but his mommy. This interesting fact also happens in the animal kingdom where the females are always the wonderful mothers who would go above and beyond for their offsprings.

Here is a sweet video of a reckless cat mom and her little baby who (for some reason) climbed up a tree and had no idea how to get down. The kitten was meowing nonstop in terror, but the mama looked extremely worried too. After judging the situation, the cat swiftly went all the way up there in order to save the furry baby herself. Such a loving mother.

Screenshot, TheLilyot

The cat mom tried to grab her kitten by his nape, but it was all in vain. Their position and the angle made it really hard to do so, not to mention the kitten was clinging on the brand, not willing to let go. He was just too scared.

The boi later moved to another place, but the change didn’t make their job any easier either.

Screenshot, TheLilyot

After struggling for a while, the downhearted mom simply taught the kitten how to climb down by doing it herself. She seemed to be out of breath, but she was still there for her son.

Screenshot, TheLilyot

After the close contact with mama and watching her in action, the boy became much calmer and braver. When the mom landed, his turn had come. And to everybody’s relief, the cute boy could be able to follow her instruction quite fast and smoothly. It didn’t take him too long to perform the task all by himself and reunite with his mother.

Screenshot, TheLilyot

Just take a peek at the pawsome mission:

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