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Yellow, Orange, Black, Dark Blue, And Chestnut Brown Come Up On Plumage, Malayan Banded Pitta Is A Precious Gem Of Nature

There are many colorful birds in nature that are extremely beautiful. They put on one-of-their-kind coats that make them stand out from the crowd. Although their plumage is made up of different colors, it is not a mess at all. These shades combine cleverly and harmoniously, giving these creatures the title of flying gemstones. If you have an opportunity to spot these in real life, make sure that you grasp it.

Image Credits: Instagram/fletchertoo

The Malayan banded pitta is among these stunning birds. Look at its face! There is a yellow/orange streak above its eyes, creating a striking contrast with the black face and head.

Image Credits: Instagram/indianwildernesss

You can watch its video below!

This bird also has an orange nape, a lemon-yellow throat, dark blue chest bared with orange and chestnut-brown upperparts. Its tail is also in bright blue. The Malayan banded pitta is a member of the Pittidae family. They are native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Sumatra. These birds prefer living in primary lowland evergreen forests, including swamps at altitudes upwards of 5,000 feet.

Image Credits: JJ Harrison (https://tiny.jjharrison.com.au/t/OasrAeljeC9F1lVX) / CC BY-SA 3.0

However, there is some evidence that shows that this species also inhabits secondary forests.

Currently, the Malayan banded pitta is listed “near threatened”. Their population has decreased due to the loss of habitat and illegal cage-bird trade.

Image Credits: Instagram/pittatours

These birds feed mainly on fruit and insects. They also eat any similar invertebrates that are available around them.

Image Credits: Instagram/long.jacki

During the breeding season, female Malayan banded pitta builds her nests from broad leaves, small sticks, and grass. This nest is in the shape of a globular and has a side entrance. She then lays 2-5 eggs in the nest, incubates them, and feeds the hatchlings until fully fledged.

Image Credits: Instagram/harnsheng

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