Meet Pink-headed Warbler, A Breathtaking Tiny Bird With Subtle Pink Plumage

The pink-headed warbler is probably one of the most beautiful pink birds in nature. The pink color comes in different shades and combines harmoniously, making this bird stand out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Instagram/birdlover_gt

As you can see, this lovely creature has a silvery pink head and chest, pinkish-red belly, and dark red upper parts. The face, however, is a dark red color. Such a fantastic visual treat!

Image Credits: Instagram/cimarronmayor

Unlike many other birds, both male and female pink-headed warblers look very similar. Juveniles are brown with paler underparts.

Watch the video of this bird below.

These pink-headed warblers are famous in the southwestern highlands of Guatemala where they are considered a spritely gem.

Image Credits: Instagram/americanbirdconservancy

They are also found in the central and southeastern highlands of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Image Credits: Instagram/birdlover_gt

This beautiful pink bird lives in humid and semi-humid pine-oak and evergreen forest in altitudes from 5,900-11,500 ft above sea level.

Pink-headed warblers’ main diets are insects and other invertebrates.

Image Credits: Instagram/rt_shaw

When the breeding season comes, female birds will build nests on the ground on their own. This nest is made from pine needles and moss. They then lay 2-4 eggs in and incubate them for 16 days.

Image Credits: Instagram/rolandrumm

The females continue to feed the hatchlings for about 10-12 days until fully-fledged.

Over the past few years, the population of this warbler has decreased due to the loss of the cloud forest. Currently, it’s listed as endangered in Mexico.

Image Credits: Instagram/birdlover_gt

Image Credits: Instagram/itto_sfm

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