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Golden Tortoise Beetle, One Of The Most Striking Beetles That You Could See

The golden tortoise beetle is a striking arthropod. These tiny creatures look like little specs of gold with legs.

That is not all. These beautiful beetles have a peculiar structure.

There is a flattened ridge that runs through their hardened wing covers and conceals their head and legs. The word “tortoise” in their name refers to this.

Interestingly, this ridge does what it’s supposed to do. It tucks in their body parts when the beetles face an attack. Then, their flying wings will be protected.

This beetle is not always gold.

Like most colorful creatures, these golden tortoise beetles change their color following the season. Their mood, amazingly, may affect their color.

Additionally, when they are under attack and tuck in their shield, they turn into a duller brown/orange. Not gold anymore.

Some people say that these golden beetles and ladybird beetles are much the same. Do you agree?

This beetle species is at a dense population. It can be found all over the world. Walk into your backyard in the morning, you can spot these stunning beetles over your plants.

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H/T: Kingdomstv

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