ZOO Olomouc To Welcome The Newest Member Of The World’s Fastest Primates

Olomouc Zoo (ZOO Olomouc) is a Czech zoo, located in Svatý Kopeček, Olomouc in Czech Republic. They have recently celebrated the birth of a new infant of the Patas monkey family.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc

Fortunately, the delivery happened without any complication. The mother monkey, Bela was breastfeeding her baby on her own even though she had support from her group. As the zoo informs, the mother and her young were in perfect condition. On the 21st of May, the zoo authorities also announced the birth to all visitors to share their happiness upon this joyful news.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc

The baby Patas monkey was born on the 5th of May, 2021. The females in Bela’s group helped her take care of the young. All the staff are also making sure to always keep an eye on the duo, their health is the first priority.

The Bela’s tribe comprises one alpha male, Lenon, four females, three adolescents of 1 to 3-year-old, and the newborn. It made up a family of nine members. Also, with this latest addition, the total number of Patas monkeys in the zoo is now 19.

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Image Credit: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc

The Patas monkeys are known to be the world’s fastest primate. When running, they can achieve a very high speed that they’re sometimes mistaken for Cheetahs. Indeed, they can sprint in a short period of time at the top speed of 55 kph. What an insane speed for this little animal!

Patas monkeys are omnivores and they can feed on a wide range of food. Pods, seeds, young leaves, and flowers of Acacia trees are all on their menu. They also have a taste for berries, fruits, insects, eggs, lizards, and small birds. Interestingly, their extensile cheeks can contain nearly the same amount of food as their stomach.

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