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Tiny Cat Confronts Big Sneaky Four-Ton Elephant And Bravely Chases It Away

The elephant in the picture is no stranger to the locals in Nakhon Nayok. His name is Pai Salick, a 35-year-old male elephant. He is known by the locals because he often comes to visit and stomps on their gardens in search of food.

The nearby forest is the home of this elephant, but he often has a night walk around this area. He caused quite a lot of troubles when entering people’s houses.

However, this elephant chose the wrong house that night. He might never think that the house owner had a special guardian – a 3-year-old tabby cat.

The cat’s name is Simba and he is just as brave as his name. This incredible photo below captures the moment when the tiny little cat chased away the giant elephant while it was wandering around the garden.

The house owner shared that his cat has a very strong sense of territoriality, so he could be very aggressive towards the unwelcomed guests.

Having no fear of the giant trespasser, this tabby cat even overwhelmed the elephant who tried to raid its garden. The cat looks so relaxed walking towards the intruder.

The jumbo has met its match this time. Scared by the aggressive feline, the elephant made its retreat to the forest.

In Thailand, elephants are protected under laws. Actions that cause damage to them can lead to the highest sentence of 3 years imprisoned. This is reasonable as elephants became endangered in Thailand in 1986, their population has declined significantly. On the other hand, they are this country’s national animal and have become a cultural symbol.

Image Credit: Thomas Gennaro

H/T: kingdomstv

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