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Epic Design Fails That People Came Across And Couldn’t Resist Sharing

Designing something that is both aesthetic and functional is more difficult than we may think. That’s the reason why there are awesome designs, yet there are also awful ones. From advertisement, food packaging, building – we can come across numerous design fails out there. Some are just stupid and terrible enough to make you cringe and even be poked fun at on an online group.

People online are sharing funny design disasters they spot in the wild, and these epic failures won’t definitely fail at leaving you speechless. Even though crappy designs are shamed so many times, it seems like the list of them is endless. Scroll down below to check.

#1. That’s why you keep accidentally clearing your PIN

Source: veeveemarie

#2. Just to be sure everyone knows they shouldn’t park here

Source: 1pcbetterthanxbox

#3. We cut all

Source: aTerrariaExpert

#4. Bicycle path

Source: Pteti

#5. Wow. That’s convenient

Source: J-P-4711

#6. Who needs privacy

Source: TheRealBearSloth

#7. All the design choices

Source: PlatinumSamVEVO

#8. A disaster waiting to happen

Source: Vjaa

#9. So which one to press for level 17?

Source: vanillac0ff33

#10. Just why?

Source: TitanicsAnInsideJob

#11. Door to the murder room

Source: aspiecat7

#12. Hitler’s sister?

Source: loselmuh

#13. Well, that’s not the best place

Source: TheSexyPenguin

#14. Impenetrable

Source: nicobeporcodio

#15. Circle torso?

Source: -Error-UserNotFound

#16. Okay. I get it

Source: 00KamiKaze00

#17. Who did this? Who?

Source: Grognak42

#18. One mirror panel on top, one on the bottom… no way to see you in between

Source: freckledfrida

#19. They have a wheelchair access button for the door, but no way for a person in a wheelchair to reach it

Source: crimxie

#20. You can make sure no ones robbing your house while you shower

Source: schen4181

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