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Talented Artist Combines Two Characters Into One Using Color Pens, And The Result Is Breathtaking

Cartoons play an essential part in every childhood. This is certainly the most popular mean of entertainment for children, but cartoons can do much more than that. With the assistance of cartoons, kids can learn about the world around them, build the very first awareness of new emotions, problems, and other important things for their later life.

With a huge love for cartoons, talented artist Dada has created a collection of famous fictional characters’ pictures. The special thing about the illustrations is that she has combined different characters into one, which is composed of good versus evil or simply different versions of the same character as one. Noticeably, they are done with color pencils. It’s really eye-catching and interesting to look at. If you’re a big fan of cartoons, you should not ignore this collection. Let’s scroll down and don’t forget to support our skillful artist:

#1 Baby Tom and Jerry

Source: dada16801

#2 Rapunzel & Mother Gothel

Source: dada16802

#3 Hopps & Wild

Source: dada16803

#4 Jack & Sally

Source: dada16804

#5 Shaggy & Scooby-Do

Source: dada16805

#6 Cheshire cat

Source: dada16806

#7 Mowgli & Bagheera

Source: dada16807

#8 Simba&Scar

Source: dada16808

#9 Maleficent

Source: dada16809

#10 Duchess & Thomas O’malley

Source: dada16810

#11 Menly and girly Mulan in one

Source: dada16811

#12 Aurora & Maleficent

Source: dada16812

#13 Woody & Buzz

Source: dada16813

#14 Wolverine

Source: dada16814

#15 Snow white & the evil queen

Source: dada16815

#16 Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

Source: dada16816

#17 Te Fiti &te Ka

Source: dada16817

#18 Voldemort & Nagini

Source: dada16818

#19 Aladdin & Jafar

Source: dada16819

#20 Lady and the tramp

Source: dada16820

#21 Beauty & The Beast

Source: dada16821

#22 Ariel & Ursula

Source: dada16822

#23 Merida & Mama Bear

Source: dada16823

#24 Ariel & Vanessa

Source: dada16824

#25 Aladdin & Abu

Source: dada16825

#26 Batman & Joker

Source: dada16826

#27 Garfield & Odie

Source: dada16827

#28Hercules & Hades

Source: dada16828

#29Jasmine & Rajah

Source: dada16829

#30Fox And The Hound

Source: dada16830

H/T: boredpanda


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