The "Grumpy Cat Disney Mash Up Series" Of This Artist Can Hilariously Ruin Your Perception Of Classic Disney Characters

The creativity of artists always makes us all admire. A talented young artist named tsaoshin comes up with the brilliant idea that what if a grumpy cat were cast as iconic Disney characters? For example, this grumpy cat became Snow White in "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" or Ariel in "The Little Mermaid". It is from that idea that tsaoshin starts to post the "Grumpy Cat Disney Mash Up Series" on his Devianart account. The artist has selected the most classic scenes of Disney animated movies and redrawn them with his creativity and sense of humor.
These pictures have received hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments from Disney fans. Everyone responses that the paintings are very funny and ruin their favorite Disney movies in a positive way. In addition, Disney fans also enthusiastically nominate the next movies they want tsaoshin to add to her grumpy Disney collection.
You surely all laugh out loud to see that Grumpy Rapunzel is about to kill Flynn Rider by cutting her own hair or Grumpy Jasmine unhappily sits on the magic carpet with Aladdin. Don't hesitate to scroll down to check out these fascinating fanarts!

#1 Inspiration: "Snow White and the seven dwarfs"

Source: tsaoshin

This is when someone wakes me up in the morning

#2 Inspiration: "Big Hero 6"

Source: tsaoshin

I am not satisfied with your care.

#3 Inspiration: "Sleeping Beauty"

Source: tsaoshin

Is this MelefiNO or GRUMPeficent? The artist also shared that she is a huge Maleficent fan and she's her favorite Disney villain.

#4 Inspiration: "Pinocchio"

Source: tsaoshin

Geppetto chose the worst star to wish upon tonight.

#5 Inspiration: "Lilo & Stitch"

Source: tsaoshin

Nani should literally scream if she sees her house being destroyed like that

#6 Inspiration: "Lady and the Tramp"

Source: tsaoshin

This grumpy cat doesn´t want to share any of her tasty spaghetti

#7 Inspiration: "Frozen"

Source: tsaoshin

Queen Grumpy Elsa enjoys her ice palace of solitude...and her new ice garden addition.

#8 Inspiration: "Pocahontas"

Source: tsaoshin

Also, John Smith in the background is what all Disney fans scream for.

#9 Inspiration: "Aladdin"

Source: tsaoshin

Aladdin: Dude I want a pet cat
Genie: I got you

#10 Inspiration: "Beauty and the Beast"

Source: tsaoshin

How about Beauty and the No version? Then Adam will stay a beast forever!

#11 Inspiration: "The Lion King"

Source: tsaoshin

One of the comments that receives a lot of attention for this picture is: "The results are in: You are not the father!"

#12 Inspiration: "Tangled"

Source: tsaoshin

With this plot, the movie would end 80 minutes earlier.

#13 Inspiration: "The Little Mermaid"

Source: tsaoshin

Instead of saving the prince, this grumpy cat just played the titanic theme.
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