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20 Funniest Disney Posts Of The Week That’re Totally Worth Your Attention

Since Disney+ was officially launched last year, Disney content has been blooming in every social media platform and our childhoods have once again come to life in a magical way. Honestly, it’s never been so great to be a Disney fan like this moment. We can now meet devoted Disneyphiles just like us everywhere on the internet, and sometimes they even come up with surprising details we have never noticed before. It’s like discovering a brand new world of our favorite movies as well as our beloved characters, and such experience is simply fascinating.

Now, it’s time for the best of the best we have seen recently! Here is a compilation of 20 hilarious Disney posts that bring us a good laugh this week, and we are sure that they will brighten up your day too. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. It’s 30 layers, well need special forces.

Source: XZ_Ricachon

#2. True story.

Source: magicstella_

#3. Keeps smiling… people will know.

Source: tryS_A_U_C_E

#4. That poor chicken!

Source: totorolls

#5. Naaaants een-vwen-yaaaaaaa… ma-ba-gee-chi-ba-va…

Source: troll4lyfe

#6. Food is always the answer.

Source: theonetheonlyrenee

#7. Then what’s the point of being a pirate then?

Source: Redditor

#8. Thank you a lot, guys.

Source: Disneyland2go

#9. And dogs, too.

Source: I Love Funny Cat Pictures A Lot

#10. That Jasmine is GORGEOUS!

Source: That’s So Magical

#11. David is the best.

Source: riseoffreylo

#12. Naaaa STOP IT I’m gonna cry!!!

Source: prouddisnerds

#13. This puppy is going places.

Source: raphael17860915

#14. The cameo legend.

Source: Disnerds

#15. Summertime sadness.

Source: ProudDisnerds

#16. Literally ME. I’m going crazy guys.

Source: amedeotronconi

#17. Me right now.

Source: saira04274702

#18. Don’t let me go.

Source: DanielVasquez2000

#19. Pretty cool indeed.

Source: karlimeaghan

#20. What’s actually keeping him up all night.

Source: StratofVarious

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