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22 Times When The Background Of Pictures Steal The Show

It’s normally the foreground that gets our attention when seeing a picture. We tend to prepare well before taking photos to keep the nice memories last long, but we can never expect what can happen in just a second. That’s when we almost have a perfect pic, and then someone or something suddenly pops in, stealing the spotlight. We call that photobombs.

Even though you may be no longer the main actor in your own photo, the photobombed pics are somehow very amusing, making the moments more unforgettable. And the pics that seem to be fails turn out to be one-of-a-kind shots you can show your family and friends.

In this post, we have collected hilarious photos that the background is, intentionally or accidentally, the main focus. Scroll down to check and prepare for a big laugh.

#1. Hello boy

Source: BearWithAScarf

#2. Oops!

Source: Get_Stamosed

#3. I’m jealous

Source: nurseratchet86

#4. Crash a prom

Source: millselle

#5. The three stages of most relationships in one photo

Source: RemoteControlArtist

#6. Impressive photobomb

Source: vanillapopcorn

#7. Hi there. I’m at the back

Source: A_fish_called_tiger

#8. Whooo hooo

Source: taterpig

#9. Tim Duncan’s accidental photobomb

Source: jaycrew

#10. Hey hey little boy

Source: SarkyTyke

#11. Elmo looks like he just caught his husband cheating

Source: kazaamx

#12. He just gives himself a sweet kiss

Source: Trampolice

#13. Raising the bar on pigtail fashion

Source: ascendantofrain

#14. The best pic ever

Source: heyitslolo

#15. Cheeseee

Source: OceanGoingSoul

#16. Sorry but it’s hilarious

Source: BryanwithaY

#17. Attack of the butterfly

Source: Bigforsumthin

#18. What a coincidence

Source: GummieLindsays

#19. Perfect timing selfie

Source: ppswwe

#20. Woaaa

Source: FellSamurai

#21. Are you guys taking selfies?

Source: MadrushnRU

#22. What was happening in the background?

Source: sasquatchh

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