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Kenya Reserve: Cheetah Jumps On Jeep And Comes Up-Close To Tourist In Terrifying Moment

Well, this terrifying moment might get on your nerve, but it gave a family a holiday to remember.

While on a safari in Kenya, the family was shocked to witness a cheeky cheetah jump into the back seat of their jeep as it was going through African plains.

Entering the vehicle, the bold animal came closer to an Irish holidaymaker, Mickey McCaldin – as much to his surprise.

Image source: David Horsey

At first, it just looked at him with curious eyes, but then the cheetah moved closer to chill on the man’s lap. The once-in-a-lifetime moment was precious and memorable to McCaldin. It offered him an up-close look at a beautiful wild animal while screens or pictures couldn’t do. But still, it was scary to face-to-face at one-foot-close to the felines that had razored-sharp claws and teeth and wild roaming.

Image source: David Horsey

Family friend David, 62 years old, remembered: “ I’ve been living in Kenya all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this. The cheetah just wasn’t scared of getting up close and personal.”

“At first Mickey was really relaxed but I think he was quite concerned it might try and sit in his lap. Unlike a domestic cat, you certainly don’t want that.”

He was able to take several snaps of this wonderful moment as shown below:

Image source: David Horsey

Image source: David Horsey

Image source: David Horsey

According to David, the cheetah belonged to its family whose mother was Malaika. For days, the animal family hadn’t got anything into their stomachs.

“As we’d been around for a couple of days, I think they were used to the jeep so the mum jumped on top to get a better view. I think the other cheetah tried to follow her up but went a different way. Once it had got bored of Mickey it turned away and looked out of the vehicle for a few minutes.”

“It just jumped out afterward.”

For more incredible pictures of the cheetahs, please visit dailymail.co.uk.


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