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These Humorous Uncles Prove That They Are The Funniest Members In Their Families

Many people feel like they must be lucky to have an uncle in their families. It feels like they have two fathers. One is particularly strict. Another one is funnier and more indulgent to them. However, both of the two fathers love the children in their families. And for those who have an uncle, they must be receiving double the usual amount of those ‘dad jokes.’ Not sure whether this is good or not, but one thing for sure is that their families must have so much fun.

Uncles are known for being the jokers at any home. And their brilliant sense of humor always keeps them amongst the funniest members of their families. Check out the list below and enjoy this good dose of laughter from humorous uncles. If you have heard quite many dad jokes, try these ‘uncle jokes,’ and possibly you’ll love them.

#1 When You’re A Chef At A 5-Star Restaurant But The Nephew Wants Chicken Nuggets And Mac-N-Cheese

Source: comacomacomacomachameleon

#2 An Email I Received From My Uncle

Source: DeniWen

#3 This Time Last Year We Went To The Courthouse To Get Married. My Uncle Was Our Witness With Only A Few Hours Notice

Source: Cptnbumout

#4 My Uncle Had A Great Time At The Vet The Other Day

Source: catscatsandmorecatz

#5 My Uncle Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Source: JBSpartan

#6 A Family Friend Just Met His Newest Niece, Claire. Anabel Is Her Big Sister

Source: Levangeline

#7 My Uncle’s Christmas Tree This Year

Source: MissTwatney

#8 Just My Niece And I In Our Onesies

Source: HabibJihad

#9 My Uncle Has Had A Prosthetic Leg For The Past 18 Years. He Swaps Out Legs Every Few Years Due To Heavy Usage. This Is His New One

Source: bmoore87

#10 Uncle Made Jaws-Inspired Crib For His 2-Month-Old Nephew

Source: Joseph Reginella

#11 My Uncle Sent This To Me Today. He Calls It Jabba The Grass

Source: Floorheez

#12 My Childless Uncle Watching The Kids For The Weekend

Source: alternativestats

#13 My Niece Wanted To Show Me That She Learned How To Sign Her Name. I Took Advantage Of The Situation

Source: KingJackOff

#14 My Uncle Found My Cousin’s Hair Extensions, And Sent The Whole Family Glamour Shots

Source: kyriedoodles

#15 My Ten Year Old Nephew Didn’t Get It

Source: Chownado

#16 Was Playing Hide And Seek With My 3-Year-Old Nephew. He Came Into The Room Where I Was, Scanned The Entire Area And Left. This Was My Hiding Spot

Source: RyanSmithN

#17 My Uncle Found A Halloween Costume Of Himself

Source: LiarInGlass

#18 My Nutsack Of An Uncle

Source: skillerious

#19 My Uncle Came To America Only Once In His Life. Here He Is In Chicago On The 4th Of July

Source: HPtreesLOTR

#20 These Brothers Became Uncles This Week To Twins. First Impressions Are Important, So They Shaved And Dressed To Impress

Source: kraziefrazie

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