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Unforgivable Crimes Against Pizza That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Pizza. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never forget it. Pizza is the favorite dish of many people across the world. Even though this is a simple dish, the popularity of this dish can outshine even renowned cuisines. Pizza is happiness. Pizza is heaven. Nothing in the world can compare to the holiness of a slice of pizza.

Well, many people fell deeply in love with this weird dish. We say ‘weird’ because what other food in this world is made round, packed in square boxes, and eaten in triangles? Anyway, this pizza’s uniqueness makes people go crazy about this cheesy, delicious dish. As pizza is the world’s favorite dish, any crimes against pizza must be publicly shamed by all means. We have collected some of the most horrific cases of pizza crimes in the list below. Let’s scroll down and check them out now.


#1 This pizza topped with Peeps

Source: rawrodgers

#2 This cheese slice that’s been perverted by strawberries

Source: philfromchico

#3 And this inedible looking rainbow slice. It looks like a unicorn vomited all over the cheese

Source: findthespots

#4 And this paella pie

Source: matthewdjones

#5 This cold, sad cheese slice

Source: thisisinsider

#6 And this pie topped with mandarin oranges

Source: __verash

#7 Avert your eyes from this candy corn catastrophe

Source: steadylaughs

#8 What sociopath who decided to put peanut butter on his leftovers?

Source: justjasonlee

#9 This sad excuse for a “salad” slice

Source: ruthiesbbq

#10 This pizza that has been taken over by anchovies

Source: clarknoblek

#11 Was avocado toast not enough for you hipsters?

Source: jrvandusen

#12 The sociopath who carried fresh pizza home LIKE THIS

Source: bowsandberettas

#13 The person who either doesn’t understand computers or is a COMPLETE MONSTER

Source: imgur

#14 The villain who made this pizza using a waffle for crust

Source: SteveGunnink

#15 The deeply disturbed people who “invented” this breakfast pizza cake

Source: youtube

#16 The wanker (did I use that right, Aussies?) who thought #13 — a pizza with shrimp, banana, and pineapple — was a good idea

Source: fastedmedia

#17 This pastel horror

Source: the_sunkissed_kitchen

#18 The miscreant who ignored the voices in her head telling her to stop and made this baked beans pizza

Source: demmocrazy

#19 The Blue Jays fan/masochist who made this pizza (using food coloring) to celebrate the Blue Jays’ playoff appearance

Source: kenzieeyeoman

#20 And the misguided beasts at Kit Kat who made this pizza, which — no exaggeration — might be the worst food pairing anyone has ever seen

Source: Zykium

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