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20 Times Animals Acting So Weird That Make People Wonder What’s On Their Minds

Just like us humans, animals have their own thoughts, and we will never get them. You normally find your pets so adorable, smart, or playful, and you love all the ways they are. They often make your heart melt by their sweetness, but sometimes they can sweep you off your feet by their weirdness. They do some unexpected things that leave you a question, “why do they behave so oddly” without any answer. And all you can do is just quickly take a photo of their unexplainable moment.

Here we have collected some puzzling pics of animals, from pets to creatures in the wild. They are so cute yet so weird in their very own world at times that you may wish you could read their minds to know what these furry friends are coming up with. But of course, your wish won’t ever come true, so just get over it and enjoy their funny photos with us.

#1. Looks so serious

Source: whiteniteee

#2. Listen to me both of you!

Source: Danielofmany

#3. Okay I will yawn too

Source: CamTheChest

#4. Wait what?

Source: jaykirsch

#5. I just imitate me

Source: reddit.com

#6. Maybe he’s feeling bored

Source: Petaaa

#7. This turkey

Source: 30-xv

#8. I’m sure you have to look at least twice

Source: Jordanbvb09

#9. W-Who?

Source: Piscator_Gabe

#10. Such a good place to take a rest

Source: Kouxy

#11. Whose face?

Source: neringi

#12. Lemme check if the photo is good

Source: Johnoss

#13. Is that me when I was a child?

Source: RobertCotter2

#14. Laugh so hard at this

Source: Lino_Albaro

#15. Hey bro, what are you thinking?

Source: tediant

#16. I’m not a shadow, okay?

Source: earthmoonsun

#17. Awww what happened?

Source: Wiggy1324

#18. Horizontal cat

Source: thunderbirdsetup

#19. Happy faces

Source: Senthe

#20. Stuck on about to sneeze mode

Source: jasontaken


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