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Funniest Conversations Overheard When People Don’t Think Others Understand Their Language

Being capable of speaking more than one language is a great advantage. In this era of integration, people from different countries have more opportunities to study and work together. As this quickly becomes commonplace, people need to take down the language barrier. And as a result, speaking at least one foreign language gradually becomes a standard in today’s society.

It’s good, anyway. Bilinguals and trilinguals are likely to have a better career as they can work in a vast range of environments. Also, speaking foreign languages can bring fun to their daily life. Standing in a crowd and you hear someone nearby talking in their language. They don’t expect you to understand, but you do. And when you respond to them in their language, you both just burst out laughing. Have you experienced a moment like that? Scroll down to see the funniest conversations bilinguals overheard when they weren’t “supposed” to.


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Source: Lara Novakov (ლარა ნოვაკოვი)


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