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Strange And Silly Things People Do While Their Brains Are On Autopilot

To work and study effectively, people need to stay focus and conscious. Distractions, even the smallest ones, can have devastating effects. If you let your mind wander around, you’ll realize that time passes by so quickly while you still haven’t done anything yet. As a result, it significantly reduces the productivity at work and the effectiveness of the lesson.

If you have a Tesla, its autopilot function is so incredible. You can turn on the autopilot and go to sleep; the car will drive you home safely. Impressive! And yeah, sometimes people let their brain go on its own, then hilarious situations happen. Cook a decent meal, put it on a plate, pick it up and dump it into the trash can. Well, things don’t always work out so well when your body and your brain are unconnected. Scroll down for more funny things people do while their brains are on autopilot. Have a good time.


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