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30 Funny Cat Traps That Actually Work

Are you having a troublesome, mischievous cat at home who has no sense of privacy and likes to mess up your personal belongings all the time? Don’t worry, pawrents, here is the ultimate guide on how to probably trap your cat and find some inner peace! With only a few minutes and a simple tool (a carton box for example), your cat will temporarily forget about ruining your life and focus on something way more worthy.

With over 131k members and tons of ideas uploaded daily, r/TheCatTrapIsWorking is a super fun subReddit that has everything you need to know about the art of cat trapping, and more! Before visiting this amusing community for more hilarious methods to trap cats, just scroll down and check out 30 remarkable ones we have collected right here below:

#1. She calls herself a barista. I call her… trapped.

Source: SuccessfulRaccoon8

#2. Easily trapped.

Source: Brief-Ad-9795

#3. Mike didn’t know it was a trap until it was too late! (He was promptly freed.)

Source: orenji626

#4. I caught a double. How rare.

Source: will28955

#5. 2 for one! I think it was the bacon smell!!

Source: Userdataunavailable

#6. Just an old lady with her “blankie”. Her favorite possession.

Source: cascel9498

#7. This trap is small and broken but still working.

Source: wellenina

#8. I haven’t even built it yet.

Source: skeletonclock

#9. We didn‘t even have to wait 5 minutes after unpacking… we almost threw it away!! …with idefix in it

Source: smantaz

#10. A bit literal, but I think it counts.

Source: cylordcenturion

#11. I received the happiest scream when I walked into the room and found her in this trap.

Source: Haxxidecimal

#12. Trapped this one in the tried and true dirty flower pot trap.

Source: ArnoldHoldThePalmer

#13. Colander kitty.

Source: mojogirl58

#14. Took a bathroom break after 5 hours of building this puzzle and came back to this.

Source: ryuubaby

#15. Cleaned the aquarium and 5 minutes later…

Source: Zeewild

#16. “I’ll just lay here quietly and no one will see me.”

Source: skinnigreenjellibean

#17. I have never met a cat who loves cat traps as much as Gary.

Source: Ksilverstar25

#18. My cat went missing for a half an hour while i was rushing to go to work. I didn’t knew were she was until I decided to get my work backpack ready.. obviously someone got bored and decided to come to work with me..

Source: Mario_cy_83

#19. Filed under T for Trouble.

Source: -Honey-Jack-

#20. The unexpected guest fit so perfectly in this cattrap including the tail.

Source: trclady

#21. Brought the suitcase out for our first weekend away in a long time. We’re only packing the essentials.

Source: lissalissa3

#22. The family cat likes to sleep in my pants.

Source: Quarterscale

#23. Clearly trapped he is.

Source: sparkyinmt

#24. Perfect fit!

Source: ihavenopinion

#25. I couldn’t help it.

Source: pixpox9

#26. Trying to get out of helping with the groceries!

Source: Prince-of-Bengals

#27. Caught me a couple of shiny marbles.

Source: H4irBear

#28. This trap works so well I have a line forming!

Source: Ksilverstar25

#29. His favorite place.

Source: DianaT0404

#30. Unintentional trap is working.

Source: beverlykins

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