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People Did These Things Once, And Will Never Do Again

Life is a long journey. People go through a lot of events, up and down, until they reach the final destination. During those years, there are many things that people need to do repeatedly, every day. However, there are also things that people do for once and only. Sometimes, they want to do a new thing in life, but the result turns out to be not so good, if not terrible.

Some people deeply regret their actions after the very moment they did them. They learned a lesson that sometimes it’s better to keep the idea in mind only, don’t do it. In some cases, the consequence is just too much to bear. When Redditor u/CameToDefeatYou asked the question: “What is something you did once and never again?”; it received tons of replies. We have selected some of the best answers to show you in the list below. Let’s scroll down and see what makes people never do a thing the second time in their life.


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