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Six Marmot Pups Eat And Play Around Their Nests, And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

This April, Toronto zoo was happy to welcome its newest member, six marmot pups, who are now two months old, very playful and adorable.  The zoo has shared a video of the pups exploring their nest boxes and eating food on Youtube.

Toronto zoo said that the six babies were children of two pairs. The first pair, Oban and Frances, gave birth to five pups, which was two weeks before Mayne and Laura Beth, the second pair, had their one child. To avoid disturbing the pups, the keepers were asked not to open their nest boxes until three to four weeks after hearing their first sounds.

Image source: Toronto Zoo

“Now reaching two months old, the older pups have started to emerge from their nest box and have been venturing throughout their indoor and outdoor enclosures,” shared the Toronto Zoo.

The Vancouver Island Marmot, as its name, is native to Vancouver Island. The endangered mammal species has been the object of the captive breeding programs since 1997. Now, they appear at many breeding centers throughout Canada, including the Toronto zoo. In addition, their population has increased from thirty (2003) to three hundred (now).

Marmots hibernate according to their habitat conditions. Their breeding period, following the liberation, lasts from March to April. And not every pair breeds every year. Reserves are required to provide the best conditions so that marmots can give birth to their pups safely and the babies are well cared for.

Image source: Toronto Zoo

The six newest baby marmots are being kept in a separate area to minimize human-animal contact. Toronto zoo says they feed the marmots with special diets and furnish their nests with various enclosures.

Image source: Toronto Zoo

Hopefully, the babies will grow up healthy and strong in the zoo.

H/T: thekoalabears.com

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