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Oddly Satisfying Revenge Stories That Say People Should Think Twice Before Being An Asshole

If you’re nice to people, maybe they’ll be nice to you. We say ‘maybe’ here because, in some cases, people are ungrateful and irrational, indeed. But if you do something wrong to people, don’t be surprised when they take revenge on you. Well, you can see here that goodness does not always pay you back, but evil will always make you pay the price.

And for those people who are jerks, they need to learn a lesson. A kick from karma will be great, but it’s not guaranteed they’ll learn anything. So some people who suffer from their ridiculousness step in and teach them a lesson. The revenge stories we listed out below are all true stories that happened to people. Fairly speaking, it’s so satisfying to see those assholes pay the price. Let’s scroll down and check them out now.


#1 Revenge On A Rude And Obnoxious Parent

Source: swinebone

#2 Well Deserved Dump

Source: cardownloader

#3 Grandma’s Revenge

Source: mrmaster2

#4 Lying About Heart Problems

Source: GSXR450x

#5 When Your Ex Can Still Control Your Thermostat

Source: amazon.com

#6 Tattoo Revenge

Source: _Breyonn

#7 He gave a shit…

Source: ShamoleTrinda

#8 Found Out The Girl I Slept With Has A Boyfriend The Next Day. Left This Note Under The Toilet Seat Where Hopefully Only He’ll See It

Source: GldnUnicorn

#9 Quiet Train Car Revenge

Source: abCEEdeeznuts

#10 Good horsey

Source: heart

#11 Yeah, You’re An Asshole. Unfortunately For You, So Am I

Source: b33p

#12 Unlucky Steam Key Scammer Calls Electronics, Gets The Dumbest Employee In The World

Source: demonaspet

#13 I Put This On My Homophobic Dads Work Truck After He Yelled At Me, And Mainly My Girlfriend, For Being Gay

Source: PutaGatito

#14 So I Got Fired From My Job

Source: SgtSlaughterEX

#15 Found Out My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me. Giving Her This Card Tonight At My Birthday Dinner

Source: BinanoSplat

#16 Revenge Of The Garbage Men

Source: h0pfenbrei

#17 This Girl In The Theater Had Her Feet Up On The Back Of My Friend’s Chair

Source: deliasen

#18 Pretty Little Liar

Source: lovelylkp

#19 Asked My Girlfriend To Pick Up A Card From Us For My Mom’s Birthday… Girlfriend: 1 Me: 0

Source: num1polak

#20 Craigslist Scammer Petty Revenge

Source: checci

#21 Karma’s Funny

Source: JakeScythe

#22 Popcorn Revenge

Source: weshric

#23 Stay Away From The Coffee Creamer At Work

Source: Phantom0591

#24 Cheat On Me? I’ll Destroy Your Relationship With Your Mother

Source: 70127

#25 Colleague Revenge

Source: WhereTheFatRolls

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