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This Group Is Sharing The Most Confusing And Bizarre Ads People Came Across

We see advertisements almost everywhere on a daily basis. At the bus stop, on television, on social media, and so on. Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to tell an ad is good or not. And more often than not, there are types of ads that are just weird. But they are also oddly attractive, even when some of them make people confused.

Turns out, there is a whole Facebook group dedicated to sharing the strangest and most confusing ads that people spotted out there. With more than 93K members, the group is guaranteed to bring you an endless source of hilarious content. Scroll down the list below to check.


Source: Gab Gorospe


Source: Erika Marie Carlyn

#3. Don’t we all?

Source: Kody Riggleman

#4. Thanks, Satan

Source: Ñïïäh Ñïïäh

#5. The dog’s face tho

Source: Austin Bachman

#6. Am I the only one who saw chicken feet?

Source: Thallie Slothennagar

#7. Seriously?

Source: Ca

#8. I have a feeling that this piano might be haunted

Source: Ella Dempster

#9. This has a welcoming aura

Source: Matty Mas

#10. Okay

Source: Jenny Benedict

#11. Just let me know

Source: Josh Simpson

#12. Enough room to swing a child?

Source: Shywa

#13. Presenting CRUBER

Source: Benn Danger Cox

#14. Crazy

Source: Kelvin Sirco Simz

#15. Saves the bees

Source: Jeremiah Webb

#16. Spren sbeve

Source: Lawrenz Silva

#17. Skeleton looks so excited

Source: Dave Williford

#18. Wheee

Source: Amy Gilroy

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