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20+ Times Pets Act Like Jerks, And They Regret Nothing

Our cats and dogs are called fur babies for a reason. No matter how old they are, they still act like mischievous kids who would never grow up. They bring countless fun and joy into our lives, but at the same time, they also cause tons of messes which we have absolutely no choice but to clean up ourselves. Don’t expect your pets to feel guilty a bit, these unbelievable creatures simply have no sense of shame!

In this post, we have collected 22 hilarious pet pics that Redditors have shared with us through a community called r/AnimalsBeingJerks, and don’t be surprised when we tell you it has over 4.2 million members. Despite those innocent, adorable faces, any animal can be a total jerk all the time and there’s obviously nothing we can do about it. These humorous moments are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, just scroll down and check them out!

#1. “This cushion isn’t going to stop me because I can’t read!”

Source: Kryptic_Duck

#2. “So kind of you to provide Halloween decorations for me to consume.”

Source: akopley

#3. Introducing our cat and new kitten through video chat went well.

Source: tomorrows_spaghetti

#4. Why I never use the top plate.

Source: 12jonboy12

#5. My mom’s dog stole her toilet paper and won’t give it back!

Source: Masticating_Panda

#6. I just love how cats can destroy the very concept of “personal space”.

Source: Plutonian_Dive

#7. “Stop snoring bro!”

Source: mySon-theApe-andI

#8. She’s terrible. And she doesn’t care.

Source: G-Double-D

#9. Every time I start it up, he sits on it.

Source: Fender2907

#10. Samus was being all cutesie, getting all the cuddles. Then Princess Peach came in and said “let me take over from here.”

Source: roboticArrow

#11. “This seat taken?”

Source: CleetisMcgee

#12. I built a house for the dog, the cat has decided it’s for her.

Source: RigbysezWoooaaahhh

#13. Every damn time I try to fold laundry… Plop!

Source: Stonetown_Radio

#14. There is a thief in our midst.

Source: village_burner_59

#15. “You don’t need no stinkin’ lawnmower cover!”

Source: CookiePush

#16. I just can’t with this one. *shaking my head*

Source: ghostface_starkillah

#17. Come home after a day of work to find this…

Source: I_Cook_Sausages

#18. “No, this is great!”

Source: Dafracturedbutwhole

#19. Came home from work and found her where she shouldn’t be.

Source: Obi-Wana_Toki

#20. Was giving Dale a belly skritch when he decided to extend his claws right into my…

Source: coconutlemongrass

#21. My cat is not concerned with my ability to breathe.

Source: create360

#22. “He can’t find me. Hah hah haa!”

Source: exoeme

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