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Awkward Situations That People Find Embarrassing For No Reason

Have you ever feel embarrassed in public? We think that everyone has experienced that feeling at least once. Going out with messy hair, head-butting a pole while looking at your phone, sometimes we do silly things and make mistakes that embarrass ourselves. However, people can even feel the awkwardness for totally absurd reasons.

You sneeze in class and embarrass yourself. Or when you cross the street with a car stopped right in front of you, we all know that little awkward moment. TikToker Lily, aka Big_big_simp, shared in her viral video about all the little things like these that she sees as totally embarrassing for no reason. And it turned out that many of us have the same feeling. That’s weird. Anyway, let’s check them out in the list below and tell us, do you see yourself in here?

Check out her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts here: TikTok | Instagram

#1 Sitting there while people sing you happy birthday

Source: Big_big_simp

#2 People watching you do things then it makes you forget how to do things normally

Source: Ruby Willis

#3 Pretending to need something else at the groceries until the person moves out of the way of what you actually need

Source: Cavazos

#4 When your chair moves and makes a fart noise and then you have to try to recreate it to let everyone know u didn’t fart

Source: Sierra

#5 Walking out of a store without buying anything

Source: Kayla

#6 You say bye and you both walk to the same direction together

Source: Giri11

#7 Opening cards trying to act like you don’t see money in there

Source: Sierra

#8 Walking back after bowling

Source: big_big_simp

#9 Introducing yourself to the class on the first day

Source: Juju

#10 When you see someone coming your direction from super far away and you have to awkwardly wait until theyre close enough to smile or say hi

Source: stanguyfieri

#11 Somone holding the door open for you but you’re still a bit far from the door

Source: dulce

#12 When someone knocks on the door while you’re in the restroom & you have to answer so they know you’re in there

Source: kailey

#13 Parking next to someone sitting in their car

Source: lovedeleted

#14 Walking up the stairs in front of someone

Source: Thissgirl_

#15 The worst one is looking for someone in a restaurant who is already there but you don’t know where they’re sitting

Source: Ana

#16 I get embarrassed the most when I speak and no one hears me then someone goes WHAT

Source: recallrecrectly

#17 When your shoe makes a fart noise

Source: sadgrungeboy

#18 When your stomach growls is the worst

Source: tzatzikidill

#19 Entering a elevator with a bunch of people and the whole time it’s silent

Source: Doobs

#20 Eating messy food

Source: Mallkno


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