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10 Funny Pics To Prove That Moms And Technology Are Not Always A Good Combination

Mothers are awesome. It’s like there is nothing they can do, and they are just superwomen in our eyes. Moms teach you numerous things in life, but sometimes when it comes to technology, you will be the one teaching your mom how to use Facebook or change TV channels properly. Yet somehow, moms and technology cannot always go hand in hand, even when they try their level best. And even though you also try so hard to tell them, the amount of awkwardly inappropriate texts they manage to send is still imposing.

If your mommy is a low-tech person, you will find a fellow feeling scrolling till the end of this post.

#1. “My mom had an interesting conversation with her friend…”

Source: Longassname

#2. “New faces on my phone” my mom is late to the emoji game

Source: skitte5984

#3. “Mom can text now”

Source: jfern520

#4. “Man’s mother likes to use the microphone function rather than typing to text while driving”

Source: whitebeaks

#5. “My friend’s mom posted this on her timeline”

Source: GoldenTinus

#6. “Mom got a new iPad. Thinks she needs to create a new Facebook account”

Source: Peanut-Biz

#7. “My mom just peaked! Sent to entire family FB groups”

Source: Gaijinloco

#8. “Just trying to send my mom a wholesome meme I know she would enjoy smh”

Source: iamorangebear

#9. My mom thinks Facebook is the central hub of the internet. I needed her to test a website feature.. asked her to go to the site, but “make sure you type in the actual web address bar and *not* a Facebook search”

Source: FluffaDuffa

#10. “My Mom says hello”

Source: merlinrising

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