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How Does The Zodiac Influence Disney Princesses’ Personality?

For most children, Disney princesses are the first role models. They are extraordinary beauties enchanting people with specific characteristics. Brave Mulan, adventurous Ariel, kind Cinderella, and fierce Jasmine are just familiar and beloved faces.

You may wonder what factors form their great personalities. Therefore, here comes the list of Disney princesses with their zodiac, which explains what influenced them. Maybe you can see yourself in these princesses with features of your zodiac sign!

#1 ARIES – Mulan

Source: Cosmopolitan

Like a typical Aries, Mulan is also willing to take risks, fearless, and unafraid of standing up to her enemies and fighting for what she believes in. Occasionally, she is a little too impulsive as she chooses to follow her gut.

#2 TAURUS – Rapunzel

Source: Cosmopolitan

Taurus is known for stubbornness and determination. Like Rapunzel was locked in a tower and tried to escape anyway by using all of her resources. We can see that she is so headstrong and will stop at nothing to help herself.

#3 GEMINI – Jasmine

Source: Cosmopolitan

Gemini is famous for its versatility and adaptability. We know Jasmine is a Gemini as she could live as a peasant, which shows that she flexibly adapts to a new environment. Also, she is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone and explore the new world.

#4 CANCER – Meg

Source: Cosmopolitan

Cancers are sensitive to their emotions and struggle with dealing with them. We can see Cancers’ features in Meg: when her boyfriend Hercules moved to Mount Olympus without her, she would piss about it for the rest of her mortal life.

#5 LEO – Merida

Source: Cosmopolitan

As a Leo, Merida is wild, fiery, strong-willed, courageous, and wants to be the center of attention. Therefore, she has got a personality that draws people to her. Also, Leos people love sports, which is just like Merida has the skill of an archer.

#6 VIRGO – Snow White

Source: Cosmopolitan

Virgos are organized and compassionate, so Snow White is a true Virgo. She manages all household chores well and is kind to animals.

#7 LIBRA – Pocahontas

Source: Cosmopolitan

Pocahontas carries herself with the grace and poise of a Libra; treats everyone, even her enemies, with respect like she did to John Smith.

#8 SCORPIO – Elsa

Source: Cosmopolitan

The eighth sign of the zodiac – Scorpio – comes with a fierce sense of ambition and a passionate desire to control. Therefore, this is an extra-perfect descriptor of Elsa, who intensely wants to manage her power.


Source: Cosmopolitan

Sagittarians love freedom and adventures, just like Belle. She always wants to explore the vast world out there. Also, hardly does she want to be an obedient girl. Hence, of course, she will hate being locked up in a castle with the one who confines her father.

#10 CAPRICORN – Tiana

Source: Cosmopolitan

A Capricorn is primarily known for its determination and work ethic that you can see in Tiana. She is hard-working, ambitious, and strategic when going after her goal of opening a restaurant. Tiana understands that she needs to put her dream in time and effort to make it firmly rooted on the ground in reality.

#11 AQUARIUS – Cinderella

Source: Cosmopolitan

As much as Aquarius, Cinderella is friendly, kind, and gentle with everyone she meets. She strikes up a conversation with anybody, even the mice that live in her room.

#12 PISCES – Ariel

Source: Cosmopolitan

Little do all Pisces be practical: they love to daydream. They are known for having their heads in the clouds, which Ariel presents in dreaming about a different life.

H/T: Watch Mojo

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