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20 Cute Golden Retriever Puppies To Prove That They Are Born Angels

Okay, which is the super-friendly dog breed that always has a bright smile on their faces? Any dog lover could give you the answer: it’s the Golden Retriever of course! And when that Golden Retriever happens to be a puppy, the cuteness will be doubled! It’s not like these adorable guys are always ranked among the most popular family dogs for no reason. They are sweet, smart, light-hearted, and incredibly lively. Seriously, these little pooches would be the most endearing companion you could ever ask for!

In this post, we have rounded up 20 delightful pictures of Golden pups that will cheer you up and melt your heart in the blink of an eye. If you have just had a bad day, this is absolutely the perfect stress reliever that you are longing for. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Who’s a good boi?!

Source: dogthecompanion

#2. Cart ride!

Source: Marwa from Syria

#3. Love fur Gary from day 1…


#4. A little love.

Source: Busy2Easy

#5. All da floof!

Source: notasimp_yeet

#6. A bunch of cuteness.

Source: golden.retriever.breeder

#7. “My Hooman thinks i wont climb the bed. Almost there Hooman…..”

Source: mac.thedoge

#8. “I love grass. You can run in it, you can pee in it, you can eat it. It’s my favorite!”

Source: somes_is_home

#9. Safe and sound.

Source: hpets_love_family

#10. Aria isn’t interested in your undying love of Pumpkin Spice drinks, she prefers something much more… CRUNCHY!

Source: goldenbeachretrievers

#11. Rainbow!

Source: maggieandherdads

#12. Missing chotu Chiku!

Source: mumma_and_chiku

#13. Just a boy who loves his toys.

Source: normansgoldenlife

#14. Pure joy!

Source: goldenloversclubs

#15. Adventure is out there!

Source: thatgoldendog

#16. Tongue out Tuesday.

Source: goldenboyyoshi

#17. Me and my cousin being silly!

Source: finley_the_golden__

#18. Going for a walkie.

Source: thegoldiehamilton

#19. “You can’t see me!”

Source: hpets_love_family

#20. Big paws and chubby cheeks from below.

Source: thatgoldendog

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