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Some Of The Best Yahoo Answers To Remind People Of This Wonderful Platform

Early in the 21st century, Yahoo Answer was the most popular online platform. People around the globe used it to interact with friends from even the other side of the earth. It was a great time. But Yahoo Answer was completely shut down on May 4th this year, putting an end to one of the longest-running and most storied web Q&A platforms on the Internet.

For many people, Yahoo Answer was an essential part of their childhood. To bring back those beautiful memories, we have compiled a list of some of the best posts we found. The subreddit r/yahooanswers is where people share all the interesting and funny stuff they see on Yahoo Answer. Check them out in the list below and have a good time.

#1 Dying in Canada

Source: u/Kirbyderby

#2 Yahoo Answers cracks me up

Source: u/BrodieAllen3

#3 Wait… i live in London and my neighbour is called James though??

Source: u/MysteriousChest8

#4 Oh sh*t…

Source: u/Will_Duncan714

#5 Good answer

Source: u/valgandrew

#6 Life skills

Source: u/Ryen64

#7 The next Einstein

Source: u/KoalaCrisps

#8 As a Asian I can agree this

Source: [deleted]

#9 Rootin tootin n’ spiders shootin’

Source: u/A_puente_C

#10 Thought provoking question, interesting defence

Source: u/John_Langer

#11 I’m praying that this is fake

Source: u/shitypotato

#12 Fantastic

Source: u/lizardon314

#13 This has to be satire

Source: u/[deleted]

#14 Valid question

Source: u/Craparoni_and_Cheese

#15 People are stupid

Source: u/OscarJI

#16 I’m pretty sure no one thought it was for sexual reasons until you said something. But now I’m concerned

Source: u/SiphonCipher

#17 Dear atheists, how come?

Source: u/-enter-name-here-

#18 Elvis is my Dad…

Source: u/Devgel

#19 Amogus

Source: u/Colter_Cur

#20 Where we can find the answers to all our questions

Source: u/keanu_believes

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