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25 Suspicious-Looking Cats Who Are Definitely Judging You

Are you owing a cat? Have you ever spotted your cat staring at you suspiciously and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on in their head? Well, here is the most common answer that many cat owners come up with: they are totally judging you! If your cat has that weird look on his/her face, there’s a high chance you are doing something wrong. You, your family members, or even your other pets. There’s absolutely no one your cat can’t judge, so you better watch out!

Even though whether cats can judge you or not remains a mystery, there’s no denying that these furry creatures have no sense of privacy and they will never leave you alone. Don’t believe us? Here are 25 funny pictures of judgemental cats that we have collected, just scroll down and enjoy.

#1. The judging cat is watching you.

Source: CM1112

#2. Sleepy pup and judging cat.

Source: AK-JetMech

#3. Judging cat is judging me…

Source: Michael Shanks

#4. “A judging look? Me?”

Source: furryfritz

#5. “Tutti, you is a grown up now, you don’t need to hold my paw to sleep.”

Source: madame.mimie

#6. “When your hooman is cutting the grass, you still have to judge them.”

Source: leec67

#7. My cat is looking rather judgmental.

Source: golgar

#8. Realizing you can’t participate in the selfie/meme trend because your phone only contains shady screenshots…

Source: Nina Luckshmi Mohan

#9. My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.

Source: sucobe

#10. This is my parent’s judging cat: Cojones.

Source: Snorky10

#11. “I judgeth thee hooman.”

Source: kizagan-han

#12. “And where have you been???”

Source: Walter.&.Jessie.Oriental

#13. “There must be something fishy here.”

Source: Aw George

#14. Sometimes you feel like you’re being watched, sometimes you feel like you’re being judged.⁠ Get a calico and you get the benefit of both! Get two and the fun is doubled. Get three and you know you’re a glutton for punishment!⁠

Source: bintysfarm

#15. “My favorite spot to judge Meowmy is from the bathroom sink.”

Source: jerry_wayne_and_friends_

#16. “Yes I am judging you.”

Source: cola_thecat

#17. “How dare you eat my tuna in front of me hooman!”

Source: pawkwardcats

#18. “Weekend: When the hoomans do the exact same things, but instead of calling it ‘procrastination’ they call it ‘weekend’…”

Source: moesandmattie

#19. My cats have formed a tower of judging, I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong but it’s certainly something.

Source: MarreMER

#20. Monorail cat is judging you.

Source: camawa

#21. Our cat, judging us.

Source: Demilente

#22. Somebody is demanding his second breakfast. Or is it elevenses. I’ve lost count.

Source: Luigi Gennaro Voiceover

#23. If you need any extra incentive not to bump your car into the cement bumpers in parking lots – here it is: cats will judge you.

Source: Get ParkPlus

#24. The face of Judgment.

Source: safeeramayet

#25. The Tower of Judgment is always watching.

Source: cornfedbeef

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