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20+ Funny Cats Who Like To Mess With Total Strangers

As one of the few creatures that can live in harmony with us, cats appear everywhere in our lives. We love them, adore them, and we are supposed to understand them. But to be honest, we don’t. These weird furry guys have their own logic and do whatever they want to do, they never follow any rules nor even try to listen to us. And after all these years, we still have no idea what is actually going on in their mind.

Don’t think that only cat owners have problems with their cats. In fact, random people could be “ambushed” by them any minute as well! Don’t believe us? Here are 22 hilarious moments when these mischievous felines mess up with a total stranger, and they are guaranteed to give you a good laugh. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Was wondering why my succulent leaves weren’t propagating…

Source: ExtraGingerSpice

#2. Neighborhood cat walked in, made himself at home on our lawnchair cover and tried to eat the curtains…

Source: Krian78

#3. Visits my garden every couple of weeks. Attacks my furniture. Leaves.

Source: dangerous_nine

#4. This is my neighbor’s cat, he’s now on my bed, uninvited but always welcome.

Source: babey666

#5. Met this chatty sweetheart today at the park who quickly made herself comfortable on me.

Source: floracats

#6. This is my sunroom. Those are not my cats.

Source: TaPanda2

#7. I told him it’s too early for Trick Or Treating, but he won’t listen.

Source: OneSixFiveSeven

#8. That’s my car… not my cat.

Source: Silversleights04

#9. I had a temporary visitor tonight, but he longed to be free. Easy come easy go.

Source: saturnsong

#10. Sorry who are you?

Source: bullsaurus101

#11. Not my cat, in my yard, giving my dog the stink eye as we walked by.

Source: kmwade66

#12. Ron let himself in again.

Source: Mehh_12

#13. Pub cat decided I shouldn’t drink alone.

Source: gymgymbro

#14. I think you can guess which cat isn’t mine!

Source: Commercial_Gas_7611

#15. Neighbours cat likes to watch my puppy from my car port.

Source: TwistedAb

#16. My fish, not my cat.

Source: FrnklyFrankie

#17. A feisty one!

Source: DoversBlue

#18. Not my cat acting like the Queen of Sheba

Source: blondebumpkin

#19. Not my cat requests treats twice a day.

Source: motorneuron

#20. He’s such a little stalker!

Source: blondebumpkin

#21. My bedroom – not my cat. Meowing to be let in our back patio late last night. Hasn’t left since…

Source: lauralynnj

#22. We… don’t have a cat…

Source: NeighborhoodGuilty92

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