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40 Outstanding “Dog People Vs. Cat People” Tweets That Are Too Funny Not To Share

Many friendly cats and sweet dogs have broken the stereotype and prove that they are not mortal enemies as people tend to believe, but for some reason, this world is still divided into cat people and dog people. Many insist that dogs are absolutely the best pets on Earth, many say cat haters just don’t get cats at all, and there are also people who think cats and dogs are utterly the same and the others are simply wasting their time picking a side.

In this post, post, we would like to introduce to you 40 simple yet brilliant Tweets from passionate dog lovers and cat lovers that are totally worth your attention. No matter which side they’re on, their opinion is still hilariously on point.

Let the debate begin! (But don’t take it too seriously though, we are here to entertain, not to war you know.)


Source: DenisHolton


Source: MaraWilson


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Source: clhubes


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So, which side are you on? Please share your thoughts with us, and don’t forget to share this humorous collection with your loved ones as well!

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