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20 Hilarious Warning Signs That Make You Wonder Why Someone Created Them In The First Place

Signs are often about helpful instructions or warnings. We come across various types of signages every day, and we do not always think about reading all of them, to be honest. However, sometimes you spot a sign somewhere, and it catches your attention in no time because it is so weird and even sounds stupid, and then you start to wonder why they put this sign up in the first place. It’s like someone did some silly things before that make others need to create a sign to warn someone else not to make the same mistakes.

Below are some examples of funny signs that will confuse and entertain you at the same time. If you are finding something to spice up your mood, these pics will be tailor-made for you. Scroll down to check.

#1. Chewing first, right?

#2. Water is wet

#3. Perhaps someone has been sitting on the fence

#4. Seriously?

#5. These ones are both scarry

#6. Noted

#7. Pretty obvious

#8. Can I blink?

#9. Now I know

#10. OMG. I don’t even know that

#11. You can walk on water

#12. Press it twice to the 14th floor

#13. This sign is probably for ghosts

#14. Who would?

#15. Oh no, don’t say

#16. Yes. I can read it

#17. Oh, but fish can’t read

#18. Why not?

#19. Where is the exit?

#20. And will remain opened until closing time

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