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20 Of The Most Hilarious Fatherhood Tweets Ever

In our eyes, dads are superheroes. They can do almost everything, but sometimes they also have struggles in their fatherhood. It’s fair enough since we all know being a mom or a dad is never easy. And most dads always try their best to be good fathers. With their love and great sense of humor, many dads find their journey of raising munchkins is much more fun. And they decide to share it with the world.

Below is a list of funny tweets from papas sharing their fatherhood moments. These relatable stories would be the perfect way to brighten up your day. Scroll down to check.


Source: dad_off_my_feet


Source: HenpeckedHal


Source: crookedroads770


Source: daddydoubts


Source: ItsAndyRyan


Source: bhgreeley


Source: simoncholland


Source: dad_on_my_feet


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Source: NewDadNotes


Source: daddydoubts


Source: XplodingUnicorn


Source: HenpeckedHal


Source: simoncholland


Source: HenpeckedHal


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