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Romanian Soccer Players Bring Puppies To The Pitch To Promote Pet Adoption

If you are an animal lover, you probably understand why it’s better to adopt instead of buying a pet from the store. And in Romania, the Professional Football League has come up with a brilliant idea to help the poor dogs in need there find themselves a forever home as soon as possible.

Image source: Alex Nicodim

Teamed up with the Ilfov County Council, the Professional Football League (Liga Profesionistă de Fotbal – LPF) has run an amazing campaign called “Fill the gap in your life”, which is aimed at raising awareness of love and respect for all the stray dogs in the country. As you can see in the pictures, these cute furry guys are allowed to enter the pitch with the soccer players at the start of games in hope that, in those few minutes, they would be adopted.

According to the Guardian, each dog coming to the playing field is marked with their own name tag and a nice scarf so potential pawrents could find them easily on Ilfov Adopta’s website.

Image source: Alex Nicodim

“Fill the gap in your life” campaign will last for the whole year and take place at every match during the season, starting from the match between Fotbal Club FCSB and Dinamo Bucharest at 9 pm (local time) last Sunday.

LPF didn’t forget to stress that all of the good boys had been vaccinated and neutered. If you love them, you can take them home right away, no more work is needed.

Image source: Alex Nicodim

“The dogs come from the Brănești public shelter and, very importantly, are available for adoption,” LPF wrote in a press release. “We mention that, recently, Ilfov County Council concluded a collaboration project with LPF with the objective of promoting the adoption of animals in Romania. Dogs are vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, ready to be taken home by animal lovers.”

Right after the first match, 11 out of 103 adorable doggos have been adopted out. Isn’t it great?

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H/T: People

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