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Incredibly Dumb Things People Did That Are Too Funny Not To Share

There are moments in life when we do something completely incomprehensible. Only later that we notice it and wonder: ‘why the hell did I do that?’, but very rarely can we find the answer. Yeah, life is unfair to everyone, but there’s one thing that’s fair to all of us. Humans are equally dumb. People with several degrees cannot get away from this, too. Sometimes they do even sillier things when compared to ordinary people.

People are embarrassed when they make mistakes. So for those who have the courage to tell the dumbest things they did, they deserve a medal. Scroll down and check out the list below. We have collected some stories from such brave humans who publicly admitted their dumbest mistakes in life. Have some good laugh reading these stories, and remember not to follow their paths. Enjoy.


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