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20 Examples To Show That Mom Texts Are A Good Source Of Entertainment

Mothers are superwomen. They are the ones who take care of all family members, prepare breakfast, wash clothes, clean the house, go to the market – almost everything in just one morning. It seems like there is nothing that they can’t do. But when it comes to something related to technology, things may not go so well sometimes. They try to keep in touch with their children by texting them, but they often fail. And some of their confusing texts can make us burst out laughing.

Here we’ve collected 20 funny mom texts to lighten up your day. They may be not so good at texting, yet they are so cute, and cool also. Scroll down till the end of this post, and you may find that your mom used to send you funny messages like these.

#1. Well That’s Fantastic

#2. They’re just what I told you, mom

#3. Mom thinks her kid runs google

#4. YOLO

#5. Oh no

#6. What did I just say?

#7. Omg that is very funny

#8. Loser

#9. That’s twisted

#10. Lost of love

#11. An alien smiley face, lol

#12. And clever

#13. Just give up

#14. You’re so cute, mom

#15. Burn!

#16. Clear the search

#17. How can you be sure?

#18. How do you do a space

#19. Thanks, mom…

#20. Positive mom

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