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10+ Cats That Could Not Care Less About The World

We humans face a bunch of mental illness, and that is because the society is stressing and judging you all the time. However, cats, on the other hand, are masters of the art of not giving a f*ck. As a result, they live a much more relaxing life that way. Scroll down for photos of cats who couldn’t care less about the world.

#1 They are the paragons of logic.

#2 They never resort to cheap theatrics.

#3 They don’t care about the rules.

#4 Every second awake is used for exploring.

#5 They are always the star of their world.

#6 They know how to comfort themselves.

#7 They like to do things their way.

#8 They create multiple uses of their stuffs.

#9 They don’t chase after wild dreams.

#10 They fit everything to their liking.