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Worst Newspaper And Magazine Layout Fails That Are Unexpectedly Funny

Every time people spot a piece of fake news, they are curious to see just how fake it could be. These things are sometimes pretty entertaining, indeed. The way people create that news is just unbelievably illogical that makes us laugh hard.

Bad news is bad. But sometimes, the layout of a page itself can completely change the whole thing. Sad stories can turn into funny jokes. And misplaced advertisements can twist the readers’ minds in the most bizarre ways. We have collected some of the finest examples when bad layouts make the whole thing laughable. Read slowly, and don’t be fooled by them. Scroll down and check them out now.

#1 Tombstoning Example

Source: Arlaine

#2 If You Edit A Magazine Called ‘Where’, You Really Ought To Be More Careful With Your Layout

Source: unknown

#3 Pooh’s On A Rampage

Source: Arlaine

#4 Why You Should Never Put A Bald Guy On The Cover Of Your Paper

Source: swinglinefan

#5 I Found This In My Country’s Newspaper. Bad Ad Placement

Source: thecatscratched

#6 Shameless Health Trick

Source: benjimmin

#7 Oh George, You Sly Dog

Source: seannj30

#8 Oops

Source: unknown

#9 Tombstoning Example

Source: Arlaine

#10 Poorly Placed Ad

Source: unknown

#11 This Was In The News Paper Yesterday

Source: unknown

#12 Cookin’ Up Cats

Source: Arlaine

#13 Why Punctuation Matters

Source: sweetfletcher

#14 Out With A Bang

Source: Yodogiri

#15 Chemical Weapons

Source: Arlaine

#16 You Can Panic Now

Source: Aetol

#17 Bowling Ad Fail

Source: KatieMaree_88

#18 Everything About This Is Unfortunate

Source: Arlaine

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