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Funny Typical “Mom” Things That We All Know But Rarely Talk About

Moms and dads are like the moon and the sun. They are so different, so unique. Moms are gentle and caring, so attentive to even the smallest details. All to make the best for their children. Dads like to let their kids running out and do everything on their own. But they will watch them from behind, quickly appear whenever they need some help.

And we always hear about “dad” things, so what are some “mom” things? The Redditor u/Pikachu-22 posted this question, and people replied with hilarious answers. We have selected some of the best answers to present to you in the list below. Let’s scroll down and check them out now. Probably you will recognize your mom did some of these things, too.

#1 Mom? How Could I Know That?

Source: InspiredBlue

#2 The Finder

Source: [deleted]

#3 This’s Weird

Source: Cosmic_Quasar

#4 Which You, Mom?

Source: hereticjones

#5 But That’s Not The Point?!

Source: RyanIGuess98

#6 Every Time

Source: KismetHeartfilia

#7 Ouch!

Source: [deleted]

#8 Just In Case

Source: momma-not-that-drunk

#9 No Nothing

Source: heatherriffic

#10 Vaccuum Cleaner Is So Scary

Source: [deleted]

#11 The Storm Is Coming

Source: abe_the_babe_

#12 Life-saving Call

Source: IMLeary

#13 I’m Full. Mom!

Source: NarcolepticPyro

#14 This One Is Classic

Source: catherinecrunch

#15 Accurate

Source: Sltre101


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