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20+ Relatable Pics That Show How Hilariously Wrong Life Is With A Dog Around You

Once a dog steps into your house, your life will change forever. There’s nothing quite like these friendly furry guys. They are delightful, adorable, endearing and above all, they love us wholeheartedly without any reason at all. That’s the reason why we can’t help but love them back. Even though sometimes these troublesome boys disturb us or even turn our lives upside down, there’s no way we could stay mad at them. Yes, they absolutely deserve to be spoiled.

In this post, we have round up 23 hilarious pictures of dog owners having trouble dealing with their daily life because of their goofy four-legged companion, but that’s fine by them anyway. Shared by Reddit community r/thisismylifenow, these funny moments will definitely put a smile on your face. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Guess I’m an couch extension now…

Source: Themostemo

#2. This dog just posts up like he’s in the club judging people.

Source: padmdgdfgdf

#3. I suppose I can’t interrupt this session of Zen. Edge of the bed it is again…

Source: TazmanianTux

#4. Dad saw this at the supermarket today.

Source: toeless-sock

#5. I’m stuck forever.

Source: thicccque

#6. I opened a book to read in my tent before passing out. Good thing I have some tea to drink while he gets his sleep.

Source: skyfly3r

#7. Stealing puppy’s favorite blanket means spending the foreseeable future as a human dog bed.

Source: Gloveofdoom

#8. This is what I see each time I’m about to get out of the shower.

Source: unlordtempest

#9. We were playing and they just stopped and won’t get up so I guess I wil die here.

Source: Blobviskie

#10. Been gone for five days for the first time ever. Picked him up a few hours ago and we’ve been like this for about 45 minutes. So…

Source: SirFartyPants

#11. I was propagating for a friend, but she killed her calithia and now it wants nothing to do with plants.

Source: Old-Parsley2369

#12. “On your left you can see the great tree I usually pee on.” – Captain Dog Tour Guide

Source: ybentrap

#13. Adopted a dog…

Source: ssssskkkkkrrrrrttttt

#14. 6 am in their new house. I guess I’m a dog bed.

Source: ColourMeBritish

#15. We wouldn’t share chocolate cake with our dog, so she went into her pillow fort to mope.

Source: gundorcallsforaid

#16. What goes in doesn’t always come out.

Source: ZandraAubert

#17. She decided me working takes away too much attention from her.

Source: dbenf17

#18. This used to be my chair.

Source: sisterg0ldenhair

#19. Hands are overrated anyways.

Source: Andromeda-III

#20. The only way we can cut Dexter’s nails.

Source: Anywhere-Crazy

#21. Napping with a Great Dane.

Source: fjbruzr

#22. Pup got her claw stuck in my coworker’s sleeve. She doesn’t seem that fussed about it.

Source: mstarrbrannigan

#23. Corgi’s pillow. Didn’t want to clean the house today anyway.

Source: hippiemomma1109

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