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Jimmy Fallon Invites People To Share Hilarious Things They Heard Kids Say, And Here Are 15 Of The Funniest Ones

Kids have their own logic, and they see the world in totally different ways from us adults. Every surrounding thing is new and strange, stimulating their curiosity and an urge to discover it. Children’s minds are sources of gold. They are innocent yet also smart. Sometimes, they come up with amusing ideas that even their parents can hardly think of.

For that reason, Jimmy Fallon creates a hashtag on Twitter and invites people to share hilarious things they ever heard kids say. As expected, the original tweet quickly gets various darn entertaining stories. We have piled up 15 of the best ones in the list below. Take your time to enjoy unintentional jokes from adorable tiny humans.

#1. Right in the feels…

Source: Rachel77261245

#2. OMG. LOL

Source: keithbristol

#3. Haha it looked fun

Source: keek86

#4. Valid question

Source: bindilouwho

#5. Very empathetic trying to protect the others

Source: coachjdjones

#6. That’s actually a good way to describe it

Source: aeb092976

#7. Best ever!

Source: gxbbybrxcho

#8. Five year old kid

Source: vickilovestacos

#9. Foot prisons

Source: Lhlodder

#10. That is hilarious!

Source: 3langboys

#11. So adorable

Source: sparkley_donut

#12. This little dude was so cute

Source: nicoled531

#13. Poor dad

Source: MeredithAEllis

#14. Bahahaha

Source: magicninja

#15. Awww, polite and cute

Source: 10ChelseaDagger

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