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20+ Insanely Expressive Animals Who Won’t Fail To Make You Laugh

You might not believe it, but animals have expressive abilities and express their emotions through their faces. They can’t speak but they have very varied facial expressions that can tell us what they are thinking and how they are feeling.

Here are some animals whose faces are so expressive that they deserve an Oscar for their emotions and expressions. From puppies with perplexed expressions to cats with grumpy faces, each photo shows just how expressive animals can be. Scroll down to check out the hilarious and adorable animals!

1. “My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.”

2. “Maybe if I stick my tongue out and close my eyes they won’t notice me.”

3. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

4. “He did what?!”

5. “Are you doubting me?”

6. “Look into my eyes and forget that I broke the vase…”

7. “I thought I told you to go away!”

8. “Mooooom! There’s a flying cockroach!”

9. “I can smell a treat. Do you have one for me?”

10. “Did you say cheese?!”

11. “Who are you calling a pig?”

12. “Would you want to snuggle with me?”

13. “There’s drama at the neighbors’ place again.”

14. “This is how I make a facepalm!”

15. “I do not approve.”

16. “Bet you can’t do this!”

17. “My pet’s way of saying, ’I told you so!’”

18. “You didn’t save any fish for me?”

19. “Hey there, ladies!”

20. “I am not amused.”

21. “My mama! Not yours!”

22. “I can’t believe this dog just stuck his tongue out at me!”

23. When the sounds of suspense play during the movie:

Are you a pet owner? Do you have any photos of expressive pets that you’d like to share with us? If yes, please share them with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members!

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