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“Mildly Infuriating” Jerks People Spot On Public Transport

We live in a community in which everybody is required to show respect to others. When using public transportation, a little common sense is necessary to make everyone else feel comfortable, or at least not to be called a jerk. Everyone has their own business. Some are in a rush to school, to work, or come home after a long shift. We believe that none of them will really want to be bothered by any means, but that’s not the case.

Sometimes, people see things that are hard to ignore while using the subway. Some people act like complete jerks in public. They must have zero common sense to take up five seats at a time when the subway is apparently crowded, or eat snacks, and then litter right on the floor, etc. People take pictures of these ugly passengers and shame them online. Hopefully, they’ll learn something and change. Now, scroll down and check them out in the list below.

#1 This Woman On An NYC Subway

Source: Boro2204

#2 My Cousin Found This Rare Specimen On The Montreal Subway Today

Source: ZeMatster

#3 There Are People Standing On This Train While This Asshole Takes Up 2 Seats

Source: jeansouth

#4 Buttwipe On The Subway Eats Sunflower Seeds And Tosses The Shells All Over The Train

Source: mikemunoz1018

#5 Bunch Of Luggage Piled Up On Priority Seats Of A Full Train

Source: Cal-Capone

#6 Woman Washing Her Feet In The Train

Source: SirFol55

#7 This Man Taking Up 5 Seats On An England Train On Possibly The Hottest Day The UK Has Seen

Source: GodBurntMyBush

#8 What Bugs Me Most About This Is That There’s Usually A Super Nice Guy In A Wheelchair Who Stays There And I Bet He Had To Move Because Of This Lovely Person

Source: RadEpicReddit

#9 It Wouldn’t Be An Exaggeration To Say I Found Some Happy Campers

Source: aintgotnohater

#10 Lady Refuses To Throw Her Cigarette Away Even Though She’s Delaying The Train For Everyone Else

Source: RamboBoujee

#11 Has Anyone Else Seen A Subway In Worse Shape Than This? This Isn’t Something That Can Become An Acceptable Norm

Source: allianc4

#12 Sat Near Two Women Who Let Their Toddler Throw Food Around In Public Transport

Source: tomic24

#13 Chav Let His Dog Tear Apart The Seats On The Train

Source: Spookytooth66

#14 Doing Some Shaving In A Train Station

Source: cathal1k97

#15 Get These Shrimp Off This Train

Source: kidd_fisto

#16 People Who Put Gum On The USB Ports Of Public Transport. Just Why?


#17 Person Puts Wet Boots On Subway Seat Right Under A Sign Telling Her Not To Do So

Source: Markuu6

#18 Full Train And People Asking Him To Move But He Was Too *Tired* To Give Them The Seats

Source: NichtScar

#19 This Guy Eating Pistachios On The Train

Source: ThinkResearcher

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