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20+ Hoomans Who Find Themselves Much More Patient After Having A Cat

Cats are an endless source of joy, but they also bring us tons of trouble. It’s no secret that these little felines are often more daring and less obedient than most dogs, so having them as pets is always a challenge. With one or a few cats around, many parts of our house (and even our body) don’t belong to us anymore. Our lives often change drastically after we adopt these fur babies, and most of the time, we simply have no choice but to deal with it. Come on, who could stay mad at such adorable faces anyway?

In this post, we have collected 22 funny pictures of life with a cat shared by members of Reddit community r/thisismylifenow, and they will make every cat owner feel seen for sure. And if you don’t have a cat, it’s okay, because these hilarious moments will put a smile on your face as well. Just scroll down and have a good laugh:

#1. “Fluff off, I am baby Jesus.”

Source: dimensighgfhfg

#2. I’m stuck. At least the remote is within reach.

Source: mcrov718

#3. Have you ever seen what pure murderous desire looks like?

Source: HippieLady88

#4. Resigned to his fate.

Source: katmermaid

#5. He decided the coziest spot was my foot.

Source: J_B_La_Mighty

#6. I suppose I can’t interrupt this session of Zen. Edge of the bed it is again…

Source: TazmanianTux

#7. Laid on the bed for less than two minutes to answer a text. Guess I’m here now.

Source: otc108

#8. “Carry me there if you want me to catch them mice.”

Source: hippoMay

#9. He’d rather make my books his bed than let me study.

Source: Kitty_Woo

#10. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Source: unlordtempest

#11. I was eating pizza and…

Source: Vegetable__Soup

#12. My cat fell asleep on my hand. Send help.

Source: KimberlyM86

#13. Need my arm back!

Source: Vandastic

#14. This is what I see each time I’m about to get out of the shower.

Source: unlordtempest

#15. This is starting to happen more and more. I think I’m in trouble.

Source: Roy_the_Dude

#16. “Don’t ask how. I am plant now.”

Source: koudasrtyrtyrt

#17. Well I guess I’m not putting any more laundry away now.

Source: jinxykatte

#18. “You don’t get to eat till we get feed!”

Source: Bimby87

#19. I guess I’ll just stop whatever I’m doing…

Source: hillctZfyhry5678

#20. College life

Source: lydiaQhtfht4567

#21. So I guess I’m done unboxing now.

Source: jinxykatte

#22. A friend’s cat fell asleep in my hand… this is my life now.

Source: unicornprincess420

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