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Satisfying Moment When Tattoo Shop Owner Shuts Down “Male Karen” Customer

Karen is not an unfamiliar term these days. And everyone knows exactly how it feels when confronting these people. An absolute contempt. And not only women can be Karen, but men can be Karen at times. We call them ‘male Karen’ (which is technically a ‘Kyle’ if you’re wondering).

David McKinlay, the owner of the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow, met exactly one of these obnoxious people. A ‘male Karen’ customer tried to barge into his studio after the closing hour but failed. Then the customer even messaged him to complain about being mistreated. Of course, the customer received what he deserved. David shut him down in the most epic way possible. The owner lessoned him while being all polite and humorous. Scroll down and see the conversation below to know how the owner dealt with this ‘male Karen’ in the Scottish way.

#1 This is the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio

Source: aa1608tattoo

#2 Here’s the conversation




















Credit: deckchair1992

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